Week Two

Hey Champions, Welcome to Week Two!

Zoom Call will take place on Saturday, April 13th

Time: 10.27 am (PST) / 12.27pm (CST) / 1.27pm (EST) / 2.27pm (MT) / 6.27pm (GMT)

Access URL: www.championzoom.com

Please scroll down to find the daily prompts for this week.

Day Eight

1) #ManicMonday

It’s the start of another week for thousands of Champions around the world.

Does your Avatar feel the onset of panic set in? Do they get overwhelmed,

Stressed not want to go to work? All of the Above.

It’s called #ManicMonday!

  • Pose the question what’s on their Calendar this week.

    • You could  provide tips to help organize their busy schedules.
  • You can also share some tips on how to deal with overwhelm, anxiety and stress, Think out of the box and  promote  awareness  around Mental Health if you have a HR department raise it up and share the different plan of attacks you put into action.

    • Use this hashtag to relate to your Avatars Crazy lifestyle.
  • Things to consider sharing:

    • let them have a look behind the scenes into your world, for real not the “Perfect” or if yours is perfect great for you lead by example and share that. If your life use to be hectic share a before and after and how you changed it and the benefits you reap now because of it.  share your schedules, blocked off holidays, your back to back meetings, or even the way your desk looks!

    If you are raw, real and authentic with your audience at least once a week they are more likely to connect with you and follow you for ever.


Hashtags to copy and use today:

#ManicMonday #JustAnotherManicMonday #MM #Monday #StartOfTheWeek #Help #Motivation #MondayBlues #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

2) National Zoo Lovers Day

Associations of Zoos and Aquariums sponsor this National Day!

They are committed to the protection and conservation of Zoos and Aquariums nation-wide.

  • Accredited.

    DO some research and find a zoo to raise up. Just make sure they are legit.

    The most important thing to do is ensure that the zoos and aquariums you are supporting online and in your campaigns anywhere are accredited. Otherwise, you could be giving an audience to an unworthy institution that doesn’t uphold strict animal-safety procedures.

    When you’ve done that, why not promote a local zoo that’s getting up on its feet? Create a social network with them and become a brand evangelist for local small businesses. Help one another!

  • Favorite Animal.

    An easier option is to post your favorite animal, If you have a favorite Sports Team and their Mascot is an animal or an honored one of the month if a specific animal is endangered. Paying tribute to these animals and donating money directly to charitable organizations who are verified help.

  • Fun Facts.

    National days are great for post tips, Fun Facts, Did you know Questions! Always remember to pose a question ask them what their favorite animal is? Do they have a favorite animal charity or do they belong to one?


Remember, you can use these Hashtags across all platforms.

#NationalZooLoversDay #ZooLoversDay #ZooLovers #Zoos #Aquariums #AssociationsofZoosandAquariums #NationalDay #NationalObservance #Animals #Wildlife #Conservation #WildlifeConservation #ProtectTheEarth #SaveTheAnimals #EndangeredSpecies #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

3) Snowbombing in Austria

Did you know that today marks the start of a wicked cool snow-sports festival?

  • Lineup.

    Yeah, this event in Austria actually has a lineup of musical artists, athletes, and other famous entertainers. Don’t miss out on it by following the hashtags we list below.

  • This Snowbombing Event.

    #SB19 boasts the “coolest” show on snow on the globe. Do your Research go to their website and check it out.Not many people know about this event so by posting and educating us about this will give you a huge edge with your Social Media Game.


Hashtags to use between the 8th and 13th of April:

#SB19 #Snowbombing #Austria #ShowonSnow #SnowSports #Snow #Snowy #Snowboarding #Skiing #Mountains #Aftermovie #Austria2019 #20Years #20YearAnniversary #Day1 #Day2 #Day3 #Day4 #Day5 #Day6 #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

Day Nine

1) #TuesdayTreat

Treat your customers with a special offer or a discount this Tuesday!

Create a video to promote this offer and grow your audience by reaching more of your Avatar.


Hashtags to use:

#TuesdayTreat #TT #SpecialOffer #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

2) National Winston Churchill Day

Winston Churchill Day is celebrated on April 9 because on this day in 1963 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy signed a bill into law making Winston Churchill, the soldier, author, and indefatigable British Prime Minister, an honorary citizen of the United States.

  • Keep Calm and Carry On.

    No, we know he didn’t create this slogan, but instead found it in an old library and revolutionized it and the meaning forever. Or did you know that ? Now you do. 🙂 Create your own Favorite Winston Churchill Quote Video and post them to social media in Winston Churchill’s honor

  • World War II.

    If you are are a Historian or a World War II buff now is your time to shine. If not do some research educate yourself and then us.!

    Educate your Champions with a cool video about Winston Churchill.


Hashtags to use:

#KeepCalmandCarryOn #KC&CO #WinstonChurchill #Winston #Churchill #GreatBritain #InvasionofNorway #Germany #WWII #WW2 #History #BritishPrimeMinister #Sign #Bill #USGovernment #Government #UKGovernment #Culture #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

Day Ten

1) #HealthyHumpDay

Wednesdays mark the infamous Hump Day!

We can all see that annoying camel walking around the office in that hump day commercial LOL

Your Champions are halfway to their blissful weekend. (Before we start the same routine all over again.)

Use the following tips to connect and engage with your Avatar.

  • Humorous.

    Today is a great time to get people to laugh by sharing a funny story, creating a funny video, make your main objective to make them laugh.

  • Workouts.

    The key is the “healthy” in hump day. Find a way to motivate your Avatar to take action and do something Healthy.

    Fact: When people are feeling good about themselves they are more likely to be more productive.


Remember, you can use these Hashtags across all platforms.

We believe #HealthyHumpDay will be trending on Instagram and Twitter. Less so on Facebook, but we believe companies will share funny, uplifting images instead of hard sales posts. However, Twitter is the only platform with a character limit, so keep this in mind when you are drafting the words in your post + hashtags, as they count towards your overall CL.

#WellnessWednesday #WednesdayWellness #Wellness #HealthyWednesday #WorkOutWednesday #WednesdayWorkOut #WorkOut #Wednesday #HealthyHumpDay #HumpDay #MiddleofTheWeek #YouCanDoIt #Motivation #PushYourself #CorporateLife #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

2) National Siblings Day

According to the Chicago Tribune, did you know that in the USA approximately 80% of the population have siblings?

  • Siblings Day Foundation.

    Today, use social media to promote awareness of the Siblings Day Foundation in commemoration of Siblings Day! Don’t forget to mention them in your social media posts to increase visibility and awareness.

  • Throwback.

    For example, Last year my Acting peers posted “Throwback Photos”  of their siblings on Social Media of them and their siblings when they were younger.


Hashtags to copy and use today:

#NationalSiblingsDay #SiblingsDay #NationalSiblingsFoundation #Lovemybrother #Lovemysister #SisterLove #BrotherLove #SiblingLove #Siblings #Family #NonProfit #NonProfitOrg #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

Day Eleven

1) #ThinkPositiveThursday

Thursday means it’s almost time for the weekend.

Keep your Avatar focused on work, excited for the weekend, and engaged with this hashtag!

  • Just like Topic Tuesdays, or ThrowbackThursdays, you engage with your customers with Think Positive Thursday.

    Try and post something that will make your audience think positively for the whole day.

  • Post motivational thoughts along with an pleasing video that incorporates your brand/passiion in some way

  • Ask your Avatar to give you feedback on your products today.

  • Post Questions and Create the polls I showed you how to do in your FB Business Page, this is a great way to get them to engage. Especially when they are in a great mood that you put them in with your video:).


Remember, you can use these Hashtags across all platforms. We believe #ThinkPositiveThursday will be trending on Instagram and Twitter.

#ThursdayThoughts #TT #ThinkingThursdays #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

2) National Pet Day

The World  loves to celebrate National Pet Day ! This is a great opportunity too jump on the band wagon with everyone from Celebrities, Politicians, TV Networks the News you name it everyone loves National Pet Day.

  • All Pets.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a pet pig, bunny, dog, bird, or hamster. BTW I have had all of the above and currently have a dog and a Hamster.

    If it’s your pet, celebrate them today! Posting loving photos on social media is a great way to get your audience enthused and post their own.

  • Things To Know.

    Colleen Paige.

    She’s the founder of a lot of National Pet holidays, so it would do you good to @ her on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook if she has a public profile page.


Hashtags to use today:

#NationalPetDay #PetDay #Pets #NationalPetDay19 #LoveYourPets #MyPet #YourPet #OurPet #CorporatePet #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

Day Twelve

1) Coachella Begins!

Coachella Music Festival is here!

Who are you excited to see?

  • Photos.

    If you have ever been there or happen to be there BONUS!!!

    Post Videos of you and your brand at the venue! People love to live vicariously through others.

    If not let us dream through you taken us there by becoming a Reporter and reporting on the event daily with updates

    If you care about fashion, Coachella highlights and boasts tons of different outfits. If you made 1 Video  something ultimately unique, and posted it that would be huge this is a very popular event.

  • Music.

    Are you a Music Buff or just love Music.? Do a video about who your favorite artist is.


Hashtags to copy and use today:

#Coachella2019 #Coachella #CoachellaMusicFestival #MusicFestival #Music #2019 #YOLO #CoachellaisLife #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

2) #TGIF!

Friday is the day to celebrate the last workday of the week!

Here are a couple ideas

  • Check out the national day today, and use the hashtag #TGIF to promote engagement

  • TGIF hashtags are used on Twitter and Instagram to promote fun, educational, and opinionated posts.

  • Today is the perfect day to promote your passions, flagship product, Blog post, Podcast anything new you are releasing.

  • Friday Motivation is also a popular tag to use. You can instead keep your customers thinking of your brand with a motivational quote, or product.

  • How does your product help your Avatar  celebrate? Do a Video that will emotionally connect with your Avatar.


Hashtags to copy and use today:

#TGIF #ThankGodItsFriday #FridayFunday #FridayMotivation #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

3) National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Do a cool video on your favorite way to make a grilled cheese.

  • When you do a how to video it is important to keep them simple  “Less is More” If you have a blog yo can have a CTA to direct them to it for more detailed information, or to download the recipe. You could also send them to a Landing page to download your recipe or e-book etc. If not just do a killer video and have fun with it,


Hashtags to use today:

#NationalGrilledCheeseSandwichDay #GrilledCheeseSandwich #GrilledCheese #HowToMakeGrilledCheese #CheesiestGrilledCheese #Cheese #Grilled #Sandwiches #EasySandwiches #EasyRecipes #EasyPromo #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

4) International Day of Human Space Flight 2019

Are you fascinated with the stars and galaxies above? Want to commemorate your favorite astronaut? Isn’t this just the perfect day for you?

  • The UN.

    This is an official holiday proclaimed by the General Assembly and the United Nations. Together, they recognized the important research and development that was necessary for the betterment of mankind. Celebrate that today! Spread the word about space.

  • Listicles.

    Fun facts, scary facts, thought-provoking facts? All you need to know about galaxies? Commemorating a certain astronaut? You can make a fun video about anything for today! It’s easy. Don’t forget to pose the question.


Hashtags to copy and use today:

#UN #GA #UnitedNations #InternationalDay #International #InternationalDayofHumanSpaceFlight2019 #InternationalDayofHumanSpaceFlight #DayofHumanSpaceFlight #Astronaut #Astronauts #Space #Spaceship #Galaxies #GalaxyFarFarAway #Stars #OuterSpace #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

Day Thirteen

1) #SocialSaturday

Saturday is here!

The first day of the weekend is used to relax, and forget about the stressful week you’ve had

  • Be social.

    Remember it is called Social media not Me/I media go show some love on your Avatars posts.

    Share with your Avatar how you’re interacting with the community by getting yourself out there. Let them see you in action.

  • Promote.

    Use Saturday to tease something you have coming up become a master of promoting your events through your videos without them knowing that is what you are doing.I have a class coming up where I teach “The art of Promotion Phinominil Style”

  • Excite.

    Get your Avatar amped for something new you have coming up.

  • Questions?

    This is a great time to do a video that poses a question you will find your avatar to be more chatty on the weekends.


Hashtags to use today:

#SocialSaturday #SoSat #SS #SaturdaySocial #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

2) National Scrabble Day

Yes, even Oxford celebrates National Scrabble Day on April 13th!

  • Nigel Richards.

    Did you know Scrabble champions were a thing? Neither did we. He’s been the current reigning King of Scrabble for the past three years. @ him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn to get his thoughts on (what we presume is) his favorite game!

  • Tips.

    Maybe you are a Scrabble Champion in your own world do a video on things we need to know, Tips not to do when playing scrabble.

    Never played scrabble. Do some research educate yourself and us . Please Inquiring minds want to know 🙂


Hashtags to use today:

#NationalScrabbleDay #ScrabbleDay #Scrabble #Word #WordGames #Words #ThinkingGames #IntellectualGames #Smart #Wordy #WayWithWords #Scrabbling #ScrabbleChampion #ScrabbleforKids #ScrabbleBoardGame #BoardGame #Gamers #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

3) Songkran Water Festival (Thailand)

Take a trip to Thailand this year and experience a Water Festival as you’ve never dreamed of.

Starting on April 13th, Songkran actually extends into the 15th of April. Songkran is the Thailand New Year, so remember that when you choose to celebrate.

Not going, never been. Take us there as the roving reporter in your videos.

  • Massive Party List.

    Songkran attracts half a million visitors to Thailand per year. If that doesn’t scream trending, we don’t know what will. Do not miss out on this action, and make sure to pay your respects to a culture and tradition that dates back for more than a 100 years.


Hashtags to use April 13th to 15th:

#ThaiNewYear19 #ThaiNewYear2019 #HappyNewYear #Thailand #Songkran #Songkran19 #Songkran2019 #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

Day Fourteen

1) National Gardening Day

Did you know?

April is National Gardening Month! How appropriate to have National Gardening Day during April, then!

  • Budding.

    Just like the plants that are eager to sprout, bud, and flourish this spring after a long & cold winter, the same logic can be applied to small businesses and the like.

    Encourage your Avatar to continue their growth with a couple of metaphorical tips to “grow” their business, health, Relationships, Marriage etc.

  • Farming.

    If you’re actually in the agriculture industry, be it farm-to-table, organic produce, researching the effects of soil, etc… you should take this entire month (and today!) to talk about it on social media.

    Do several Tip Videos.

    If not you can think out of the box and do the exact same thing to any Business , Health, Relationships, Marriage, Personal growth, Niche the sky is truly the limit here.


Remember, you can use some of these Hashtags across all platforms, throughout the month

#NationalGardeningDay #NationalGardeningMonth #AprilIsForGreenThumbs #GreenThumb #AprilisGardeningMonth #April #GardeningMonth #April2019 #Gardening #Plants #Produce #Farming #Fish #Argiculture #Soil #Organic #Food #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

2) #SundayReading

No, it’s not Monday yet. You have one more day of the weekend left! Enjoy it.

Brush up on your Sunday Paper, or your favorite book. Blog Post?

  • Have a Favorite Newspaper.

    Do a video talking about your favorite Newspaper or section read an excerpt

  • Marketing Videos .

    People are generally overwhelmed and busy do a video showing them how to take time for themselves use reading as an example of how to escape.

    You could become the soothing voice that they look forward to every Sunday to listen to as you read an excerpt from a Newspaper, book or share a thought.

  • Novels.

    Authors! Poets! Lyricists! Use today to day to do a video  about your favorite.

  • Comics.

    If you are a Comic Buff do a video talking about your favorite comic. Don’t forget to get your Avatar engaged by posing questions.


Hashtags to copy and use today:

#SundayReading #Sunday #Reading #ILoveBooks #SundayPaper #Newspaper #Comics #Poetry #Fiction #Non-Fiction #Bookstore #videosuccessin30days #realvideosecrets

Boom!!!  End of Week 2 – You Are Phinominil!!